In order to live and work permanently in Australia, you must apply for and be granted a permanent visa. Below is a brief summary of some of the most common categories. More detailed information can be obtained from the Australian Department of Immigration web wite at

If you intend to apply on the basis of a relationship, your sponsor must be:
  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian permanent resident
  • a New Zealand citizen with permission to live in Australia
Generally, the sponsor must be 18 years of age or older.

Partner Migration

This category is for the partner of a sponsor. A partner includes:
  • spouse, the husband, wife or defacto partner of a sponsor and dependents, including children.
  • prospective spouse (fiance), the couple must have met and intend to marry in Australia.
  • interdependant partner, the couple must be 18 years of age or older and have a genuine and ongoing relationship and plan to live together in Australia.

Child Migration

A dependent child, adopted child or orphan relative can be sponsored by a relative in Australia.

Dependent children under 18 must not be engaged or have a spouse. If a dependent child is over the age of 24 an application cannot be made under this category unless the dependency is due to a disability. Dependent children aged 18 and over must never have had a spouse or be engaged to be married. They must also be full-time students and not be engaged to be married. They must also be full-time students and not be employed unless the dependency is due to a disability.

Orphan relatives must not have a spouse, must be under 18 at the time of application, and if applying in Australia, their sponsor must have lived in Australia for at least 2 years prior to the application being made.

The adoption category provides for the migration of children who have been adopted, or who are to be adopted, by a sponsor.

Parent Migration

In order to apply under this category you must have at least as many children living permanently in Australia as living outside Australia, or have more children living permanently in Australia than in any other country.

Other Family Migration

Carer - your sponsor or a member of your sponsor's family must need help with daily living and cannot get that help from any family, welfare, hospital, nursing or community services in Australia and you must be a relative who is willing and able to provide that help. Your sponsor or the member of your sponsor's family who needs help will have to undergo a medical assessment by Health Sevices Australia. The sponsor must have lived in Australia for at least two years prior to an application being made under this category.

Remaining relative - you must be your sponsor's brother, sister or child (or a step relative to the same degree) living outside Australia.

Age dependent relative - you must be of Australian pensionable age and have been dependent on your sponsor for at least the previous 3 years.

Employer Sponsored Migration

This category is for proplr who wish to migrate to fill a job that cannot be filled from the Australian labour market. You must have an Australian employer willing to sponsor you, or have been nominated under a Labour Agreemant or a Regional Headquartets Agreement.

General Skilled Migration

This category is for people who wish to migrate on the basis of their skills, but do not have an Australian employer who will sponsor them. In order to be successful with your application you will need to have post-secondary qualifications and experience in one of the occupations gazetted by the Australian government, be under 45 years of age at the time of application and have "voctional level" English (a level necessary to practice your occupation). Your chances of success may be improved if you have a relative, that is, a sibling, uncle, aunt, parent, cousin, grand-parent or self supporting child to sponsor you or you intend to live in a designated area of Australia.

Business Skills Migration

You should apply under this category if you want to migrate to or obtain permanent residence in Australia on the basis of your business track record. You must have experience in owning and managing a business or investment portfolio, or be a senior executive in a major corporation. You will be expected to own or part-own and manage a business in Australia or make a designated investment.

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